Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Day Before The Big One

You wouldn't know it from this that we, something like 24 + states were going to get what would become a huge winter blast. The last I heard the blizzard that ensued covered 8 or more states. We got the ice because we were on the outside eastern edge of the storm. So far in our area we have from 1/4 of an inch upwards towards 1/2 inch of ice. Just 10 miles north north west they have 1 inch of ice and not 3 miles in the same direction they got ice then sleet and today it's snow.

I'm a day late on my posting for the first of the month posting and I have no excuse. Afterall, I'm retired and in weather like this I stay put. I did work on my taxes some, read some, watched part of the Daytona that I have taped...about 6 hours of the first 7 hours of Part 1.

Like I said, this was in the morning, the storm hadn't hit yet. If I get it done today, I will put up some pictures that expect will look the same tomorrow.

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