Friday, February 18, 2011

Paintings on the Wall

All are advertisements. One is for goods, one is for services rendered and the one is for good times showing a more simple life. Click 'em to increase 'em.

A mural in Englewood, OH.

An add for clothing on N. Main St., Dayton, OH.

At a nail salon on N. Main St, Dayton, OH. Barbie must be the owner.


Birdman said...

Like to see a closer look at that first one. Seems interesting.

Butch said...

I can do that and from a different angle. Use to live up there. Open area in front of mural was a building that burnt down yrs. ago. Now it's landscaped and holds the X-mas tree in the winter. I will be back up that way sometime soon to get my moms taxes so I will take on from out of the car directly in front.

Sequim Daily Photo said...

I agree, that would be cool to see that mural closer up. And you'd never catch me driving a pink truck and especially one that says Barbie.