Sunday, October 2, 2011

Missed by a Day

This was yesterday afternoon. Sun coming from the west with the storm clouds off to the east. There was no reason to take the monthly photo in the morning because you couldn't see the sun's transition from above the eastern line (the tower in the picture) to the southern hemisphere. As you can see though, the season here in the mid-west has changed. High was 51 and normal is 70 degrees. Possible frost this morning in low lying areas, we didn't get any.

This was shot this morning. What a difference a few hours makes. Yesterday was like I said, really cool if not cold because of a strong wind all day and today is again with wind but sunshine.....yea! Looking back in the blog you can see how the sun has changed positions in the sky and how the scenery has changed in appearance. We are early for our fall foliage by at least a week if not two.


Farmchick said...

That first picture is just fantastic. Have a great week.

Birdman said...

That cloud cover makes quite a canvas.