Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Wooden Car Project Progresses With Innovation


 Cut and sanded. Staining and gluing to be done.

Approx. 7 x 2.5" before mounting of wheels.

Prepping the lathe. Wheels cut on band saw, then rough centers are found. Next, drill 1/8" pilot to insert large nail into for work as shaft. As I tightened the chuck on drill I tapped the nail head to set it tightly into the chuck.
With the drill locked on I proceeded to even out the wheels to the same size. Instead of getting chips of wood you get a lot of very fine dust. Next set will have a vac running nearby.

Results of the home grown lathe. I will also wear a mask when doing the second car.

Nail (shaft) hole will be covered by some sort of super glued hubcap since these are for two boys younger than 3. 

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