Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Moon Shots From 12/03/12

Sky shots of any kind need definition and clouds are pretty much the only thing that works. I use to fly radio control airplanes and the best time to fly was with a back drop of clouds to help keep your orientation. After all, you aren't in the cockpit unless you have one of the newer cameras mounted and know how to view what you are seeing....ie drones.

There was just a whisper of clouds in the sky last night. I couldn't leave well enough alone, the original pictures came out pretty good right from the camera. Night shots can be bit to get right. The first picture has some HDR (High Definition Resolution) with some Levels tweaking, color control as well and changing from color to black and white. Image was taken through a window.

This shot I call Reflections. You could all it a vertical panorama.

You can enlarge if you desire.

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