Friday, July 26, 2013

Save the Bird

We've had a pigeon hanging around for about a week.  Started off on the neighbors window sill.  Sat there for 2 days straight.  Found it on my landscape wall yesterday and today while I was across the street talking to someone it came walking from somewhere like it knew us.  I went home and got some wild bird seed an fed it.  It ate like it was starved.  The gentleman that picked it up said it was thin.  He also said the variety was know as Arc Angel, a show bird variety.

When we first noticed it I got my camera to see if I could get a reading off the tag on its leg.  I then tried to decipher the tag with no luck so I called a local pigeon club and they came a picked it up.  They said the tag was special because most tags are two letters that indicate where the bird is from, like AU or IF and CA.  This one was TSCSH with 2011 under that and on the other side in bolder print was 2024.  Bottom line is the bird won't be the meal for the Red Tail Hawk that hangs around this area.

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