Saturday, July 20, 2013

It's Been Wet and Now Hot

We had an almost perfect spring if you like cool and wet.  Then we had an entrance into summer on Memorial Day when the pools were to open and it was cold and wet.  We continued on to the 4th of July and it was fairly decent in temps but.....wet.  Here it is near the end of July and up to about a week ago my yard was mowed no less than every 5 days due to the, you guessed it, wet.

Now we haven't totally made up for the drought from last year, according to the local weather experts that tend to take you to school on meteorological activities every night during the weather but in my book the well is full.  So, starting last week we went from flood watches to high heat warnings.  Yep got over 90 degrees and after 3 days we have a heat wave.

Well today we got both, hot and wet.  Not just humid but rain to help increase the humidity.  But, in the long run it did cool off.  I was able to cook out this evening and not have to fan myself or hold an umbrella up. Suppose to be real nice tomorrow.....82 and sunny.

A front move in and over heading east.

The sun tries to peek through the clouds.

As a last ditch effort the sky tries it's best to frighten those below.

Raindrops dancing on a tables edge.

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