Saturday, October 5, 2013

It's Fall, Pumpkins, Colors and Cloudy Weather

Took the picture of the pumpkins for the wife's Facebook image.  Pumpkins and gourds were plentiful this year and of a very large variety.
Morning clouds let some light through but within an hour of this shot the gaps closed up and it drizzled off and on the rest of the day.  Supposedly we are being affected by the storm in the gulf that will go up the Appalachian trail.

 Finally we have some colors showing.  If you could see this zoomed out you would not see this much color.  There is a tree line on the other side of the soybean field in the distance that has one spot of color for now.  We have another week or so before we get real color going here in southern Ohio. 

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Michelle said...

Gorgeous fall shots, before a lot of color sets in.