Monday, February 24, 2014

Trying To Catch Up

It has been a while since I have posted anything here.  No real excuse since this winter has been so crappy and we were pretty much locked into the house since the wife had hip surgery and the only running was for essentials by me.  She couldn't handle the ice conditions plus she really had very little stamina.  What I did do was take and clean up pictures so I will post a few of my endeavors hear.  Click to enlarge as usual.


Not my house but a neighbors.


 I call this Painted Sky.  I found these clouds needed no editing.


Contrast of color was just interesting to me.


Converted to black and white.  Used my 18-270mm lens at 18mm to create a micro.


 Another as above but left the color alone.


These too were in the bouquet that was sent to my wife after her surgery.  Intentional blurring.


 I titled this one Where Are They All Going? 


Just a vignette winter image with a little grunge thrown in.


Sunny day but cold and blowing.  The house on the right is the Christmas house.
Just a clear and perfect morning.  We hadn't seen the sun in maybe two weeks.  Taken near the end of the Polar Vortex.


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