Saturday, March 1, 2014

I'll Take The Snow

Good ole Mother Nature has taken a toll on my attitude about winter.  There are those in the US that have had it worse than we have here in southern Ohio but I still want to rant.  All we heard for about two weeks was the Polar Vortex this and the Polar Vortex that.  At one point when it was sub zero and the wind made it worse I thought, wow how fitting is this, our furnace won't fire.  I figured it was the igniter and in the middle of the night nothing is open.  Turned out that the gas supply companies here in the Midwest from Chicago to the east couldn't push enough gas through the lines.  It was a gas supply "black out" like the electric in the heat of the summer.  Our furnace started funning but the air was cool and just couldn't get up to 69 degrees.  Our neighbors to the north of us weren't so luck.  we are in a fairly new plate and they had a pipe line break thus they had no gas at all.  Two homes out of the 155 here have electric heat....oh so expensive.....but they were laughing at this point I would imagine.

Last weekend Mother Nature did it again, she gave us upper 50 degree weather just to have the temps drop to negative numbers the next day almost.  This weekend we are to get the effects of the California rains in ice or snow, depending on which side the dividing line is along I-70.  Forecast is for 3" to 12".  Quite a spread if you ask me.

I'm tired of winter, but if I have a choice.....I'll take the snow over the ice. 

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