Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Foggy August Mornings Lead to the End of Summer

Well, it's mid August and some of the kids are back in school as of last week.  There are a number of them that haven't started yet but will be soon.  I remember when I was a kid that you didn't start school until after Labor Day, or in some years we might have started a day or two before but then we got our first holiday off from school for Labor Day. 

It won't be long though before the leaves on the trees are the color of the sun coming through the pine trees and the reflection of light on the mist of the fog.  The fog is an indication that August is upon us and that summer is just about all used up.  It's downhill from July 4th as all the summer clothes make way on the shelves for the school supplies and the winter clothes.  Halloween candy will be out just after Labor Day if it isn't already.....There is no anticipation left for the imagination anymore.

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