Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Season is Changing, Maybe

The season called summer is coming to and end.  Happens every year at this time so it isn't a surprise.  You wouldn't know it though, the weather has been hot and humid for late August.  Generally it is hot during the day and very dry, you have to pity those with allergies because between the ragweed and dust, they are miserable.  This year has been a bit different, we have mowed every week since April with only one week at the beginning of August or end of July where it looked like the rains had quit for the summer.  It's been really hard to get the red sunsets since there doesn't appear to be much dust in the air.
This picture has been edited in Lightroom.  In reality the grass is green as well as the leaves on the trees.  This yellow in the sky is there but not so dominate.  I just wanted to play with the picture, I don't really want to bring Fall on because right behind that is Winter and the Almanac says to watch out.  Hey Ben, we didn't think winter was going to leave last April then all of a sudden it was gone.  Maybe we will have a colorful fall and a more normal winter this year.

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