Thursday, September 4, 2014

Another Shot.....So Many Ways

Obviously there are many ways to render or edit a photo, especially with the software available today.  I have two goals, one is to get the picture correct the first time out of the camera.  Both in the clarity and what you see in reality and with effects, changing the looks of the photo without edits except in the camera.  An example is the blur of moving water.  I really like seeing the actual splash of water showing the drops but as I have grown into the editing process I have found the artistic part of the blur effect.  I do believe there is a place for the blur and there is a threshold that shouldn't be passed, kind of like HDR.  There are those that I feel do a real good job of HDR but there is definitely an overboard of the effect.  I can't stand the smart phone HDR in any brand but you see it used by realtors and their postings of properties.  Generally everything is way too gold or yellow in color.

This is pretty much the same shot as the last posting but I did make changes in the camera.  I actually took 4 shots setup differently and all within just a couple of minutes.  The sun / sky changes so fast during sun up that you must work very fast.....I make a ton of mistakes.  I pretty much left the color in this one.

As usual, click image to make it larger on a separate screen.

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