Saturday, September 13, 2014

Geese Flying South and Fall Colors

First, I will apologize for what looks like a double entry.  There was a glitch in the loading of the post, only two pictures that showed up and when they were clicked on they only opened one at a time.

Just a week ago we were in the 90's and humid.  Today we may make 70 and the lows are already in the low 50's.  For some reason the colors are even changing early this year.  In this picture you can see the geese heading south.....probably just relocating to a different grazing area.  Great opportunity for the local food banks to build up a stash of protein.

 At this rate of color change we won't have leaves on the trees at Halloween.  You can see the beams of light cutting through the clouds this morning which makes the colors brighter but here they are more subdued.

This is just an addition to this mornings photos, roses with a little aged effect.  They held up in last winters long and cold winter.  The Almanac is calling for a like winter for this year as well.

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