Monday, November 3, 2014

Trying Out A Different Lens

I worked with a Canon 14mm USM ll lens over the weekend.  I think it is awesome.  It has great color as well as bokeh (natural) and crystal clear.  As you can see here I focused on the OK button in the top photo and the Guide button in the 2nd photo.  Above and below these focus points the images are blurred.  I was maybe 6" from the controller.

In the third picture I was only going for the clarity of the scene, both near the lens and in the distance.  As I still learn something all the time I would use this for a street lens, a macro for non moving items and as it is, a wide angle lens.  It brings out the detail at all ranges.

If you want to see them more or more of them, click on the pics.  I know, I need to clean my controller.  Also, I did not make any adjustments for distortion as I thought I might have to.

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