Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mid-February Snow

Here we are just a tad over half way through February and it's still snowing and cold.....oh yea, it's still officially winter.  The weather guy hit it on the nose this time, forecasted approximately 2" and that's what we got.  Only real issue is that along with the snow came the bitter cold but the snow was "dry" if that's possible.  I blew the driveway off with a leaf blower in no time at all.

At some points in time we had near white out conditions, however, there was no real wind, just heavy down falls of snow.  Flakes ranged from 1/2 to 3/4".  Very pretty.
As even set in the snow stopped and the skies cleared.  There was just a hint of cloud with moisture looming but they kept on clearing out more and more.

Perfectly clear night.  Caught the tail light of a passing vehicle heading east and if you notice, just above the radio tower and to the right is a plane caught in the frame heading in a southerly direction.  I didn't see it on the camera screen after taking the shot, I just happened to look out the window after removing the camera from the tripod.  The plane would have been out of range by the time a setup again.  Maybe next time I take night shots I will wait around for a plane.  Wonder where they were going?

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