Friday, February 6, 2015

Winter Colors in Nightly Snowfalls

In my quest to find color in winter I did some experimenting at night.  The first photo was intentionally blurred with movement by me and not in post processing. 

Only thing done in post processing is to get more warmth.  The lighting in the area was from sodium vapor (6) in the near proximity.  This fence line is 450 to 500' away and the edge of the woods is 1000' plus.  Camera was set at 6400 ISO at 270mm, f-6.3 for 0.8 sec. 

This image was set at ISO 6400, f-5.6, 119mm and 1/8 sec shutter speed.  It too was hand held.  The intent was to use the lighting from our post light and the lighting from a neighbors porch light that can be seen in the middle at the top of the image and pick up the beads of moisture on the branches of a bush in our court yard.

First, this image was shot at 6400 ISO at f-4.0 for 1/20 sec at 30-mm.  There was some editing in Lightroom 5, then OnOne Perfect Suite 8 and then Photoshop CS5.  Just a note, I'm looking into Prefect Suite 9, something I usually don't do until there are two versions out from the last one I bought but there is a big improvement...we'll see.  I will probably do the 30 trial first, they do give you the whole program were some limit the use.  My intent here was to pick up the snow in the air and in color, with the sodium lights, it was somewhat lost.

These Friday postings are about color in winter and even though it is said that black, white and everything in between is NOT color but opaque in my untrained eye it sees b/w as color, just not brilliant.  Question, is chrome a color, if so then b/w must be color because they make up chrome...this is why I'm considered stubborn.  I just say I'm a product of the 60's and proud of it.

Be sure to open bigger.

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