Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Moving Out?

Well, that was what it looked like two evenings ago.  Rained for a couple of days and then a slight clearing and a forecast for sun and warmth and dryness.  Nothing like getting a shot of the golden hour on the blue hour side of the sky.  Reflections of color work great sometimes but I almost ran out of the proper lighting.  Overcast clouds are starting to move back in.  Forecast for yesterday was 71, partly sunny, no rain after 8AM, well they missed that one all over the place.  Didn't get out of the 50's again, cloudy all day and it rained or drizzled past 9AM.  Same for today but it is starting out like yesterday....only time will tell now.

1 comment:

Birdman said...

Weather certainly is subject to change on a whim. That's pretty similar across the country. If I'm ready to grill, lightning is all that will stop propane and me from getting together. hahaha