Friday, June 19, 2015

Rain, Rain, Rain.....and more Rain!

We all know ducks like water, they live in it everyday.  When it rains they do not need or want an umbrella as the old saying goes, the water just runs off their backs.  We are getting the front edge of Tropical Storm Bob, it's rained since Tuesday on a regular basis.  Yesterday, just as we were preparing to grill out another storm blew up with 60 mph winds.  There were three ducks that decided to leave the pond for some dumb reason.  They didn't get very far, 600 yds. out before deciding to try to get back to the safety of the pond.  I've never seen a duck get so out of control as the wind whipped them around, nearly colliding in air.  One got back and found it had a problem getting onto the pond so it just folded its wings and dropped 10' to 15' into the water....plop.  Didn't see the second one get down but it did make it.  The third one was headed into the wind, ducks do fly like airplanes  by taking off and landing into the wind, however, this one couldn't get down.  Headed correctly it flapped it wings frantically all the while holding altitude but dropping ever so slightly.  Just as it looked as if it was going to be able to touch down the wind would give it more lift and put it 5' or so off the ground and I mean over hard ground.  Finally it did like the first one, it just put down the landing gear and folded the engines up and dropped to the deck....we have touch down Houston.

Now with all that during the day and the fact that the pond level tends to be relevant to our sump pump I checked the pond level late last night.  What do I find, a lone duck sitting inside the spray area of the fountain.  Sometimes directly under the falling water and sometimes closer to the fountain and lights.  Maybe it felt safe there?  Not sure what it did when the lights and fountain shut off at midnight.

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Birdman said...

Just ducky! Don't worry in another week the HEAT will be back in earnest.