Thursday, July 16, 2015

Lightning Shots.....Lucky

We had a very strong thunder storm come through here Tuesday night.  Up to 60 mph winds, hail and rain.  I wasn't going to try to get the lightning since in most incidences I find all I get is the bright burst of light.  I took a bunch of shots, even put the camera on burst for a bit.  I didn't think I got anything because of the slow finger to react to the flash, however I found I got lucky.

The storm came out of the NW  and most of the lighting was taking place to the north, however, you couldn't see out of the window.  I got these shots looking east and still have quite a few water spots showing.  The other thing about these images is they are all hand held photos.  If you look closely in the water in the second image you can see the ducks that make this pond their home base for the summer.    They tend to always face the storms and I'm sure they were paddling frantically since the wind kept pushing them backwards.

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