Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Something To Think About

The top picture was taken late February this year and the second picture was taken in late March.  Remember these days as we swelter through the opposite time of the year temperature wise.  I know I complained about it being so damn cold and that all activities had to be done indoors. 

On June 21st the days started getting short and once we hit July 4th you might as well consider summer over as all the retail stores start clearance sales to get rid of their overage in grills, bathing suits etc, just to make room for, yep, candy for Halloween.  I have seen some Thanksgiving items out and QVC has had their Christmas in July adventure.  I would imagine that as soon as Labor Day shows up, we will see Valentine and Sweetest Day cards and candies out.  Oh yea, Sweetest Day is actually a Hallmark card day in the mid-west only.

Did I forget to say.....the kids all got reminded right after July 4th that school was about to start again with the Back To School sales.  Some had only been  out  for the summer 2 or 3 weeks.

Give me a break retailers.....slow down and enjoy the holidays, at their appropriate times.

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