Monday, October 19, 2015

As Promised

I have no idea as to why my post yesterday didn't show the picture except I was doing it on an iPad and the picture was in my iPhone so I sent the picture from the phone to myself then did a copy/paste into the body of the blog.  I saw it in my preview but when I clicked the Publish button it was only text.  Today, if you got it, would have been because I went back to the post and edited it on my phone and put the picture in from the photos.  Now that was not fun.....can't see the small print let alone the fine print.  Again, I saw the change on my iPad and Steph saw it but Cindy didn't.  No one else said anything so I figured they didn't see it either.

Now I am doing what I said I would do, post the pumpkins after hanging them outside next to the front door.  We had 7 then I added 4 so will that be luck at the Halloween craps table?   Face on the bottom says it all.

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