Thursday, October 22, 2015

Orange Skies to Black and White

In this area they are always asking the viewers of the local TV news to send in photos of news and weather issues.  Once I saw a picture during one of the weather issue times and they thanked the sender.  Something didn't look right so I stopped it backed it up and froze it again to really get a good look.  Unfortunately they gave credit to an individual that sent in a photo for sometime before, a year or better.  So, the other night they did the same thing.  Said where the sender was and thanked him for the great sunset shot.  Only problem was there wasn't a cloud in the sky all morning, day or afternoon.  The picture, it had plenty of clouds, just like this one except mine doesn't have color.  There is a fine line that can be used in time to where you can't tell AM from PM....Blue Hour from Golden Hour.  Maybe I'll send in a morning shot and say look at my sunset.  Naw, not my style.

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