Thursday, July 21, 2016

Second Posting of Project Sxxxxxxx

Okay, second hint is in the name but there are some pictures as well.  My good 'ole brother said I was missing some parts in the first post so here are a few more neatly, well kind of, stacked.  In the picture are some actual parts about 50% completed while some are totally done.  They are in the majority.

In one of pictures I will show how I made it with ingenuity on my part.  I made a vertical lathe using a drill press.  Typically a lathe has a part chucked up on one end and then a holding point on the other to keep the part steady.  In this case it was all about taking ones time and moving slowly.

After cutting the rough cut with on a table saw I then cut the head off a deck screw, drill a hole in the piece so it wouldn't split and chucked it up in the drill press.  Starting at the lowest speed, about 590 rpm, I carefully cut the sides down to size and smoothness while holding different types of files.  As it smoothed out I increased the speed to the maximum of 3050rpm.
More pieces for the brother to deal with;-)))

Drill press in stopped position.  Notice dust....notice files

Spinning, spinning, spinning.  Room lighting, high ISO, lowest f-stop and you get the chuck key holes visible with noticeable motion as well as the round thing a ma jig.....hint, not a wheel.

Last shot for now.  There is no motion, I just blurred the surrounding area allowing me to highlight the round thing a ma jig.  Key part of the puzzle with a lot of detail in it when completed.

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