Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Early Fall Colors on the Cacti

Early shot of some cacti.  Back in this blog somewhere, during the spring or early summer months I posted a shot of these plants.  There are actually two more but one has be removed because it didn't like standing up in the make shift pot.  The make shift pot is a piece of truck from a Weeping Cherry tree that I decided was more work than it deserved to keep it nice.  I took the very straight stump and cut about 2' from it the hollowed out a section, drilled some drain holes and filled with dirt.  Any way, the cacti that was very green and appeared to be filled with water has now turned a bright red and with a little help of the early sunrise colors it is even more red.  I like it.  only thing I had to do was make or put the border around it.

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