Monday, December 10, 2007

Sore, again.

Went to Lowe's and got receptacle, switch, covers for both and a box for the switch. Went ahead and got some more wire, need to run some more lighting and receptacles on MY side of the basement. Comes with two lights and one receptacle but this not acceptable for about 700 sq. ft. Definitely needs more lighting. Can't even make it a good workshop. The storage side, which is a tad smaller has 4 lights and 2 or 3 receptacles. Well, one wasn't there until I installed it for the water softner. Anyway, I got the lights installed for over my new work area, re-routed some power and re-located a keyless light. Also I did some more prep work for the 1/2 bath. Installed a receptacle and pre- installed the light for over the sink. I'm now waiting for my 'ole buddy "Stubby", I mean Gene to heal from a slight hand injury. All I get from him now is "I'll be 'OUCH' right with 'OUCH' you as soon 'OUCH' as this quits 'OUCH hurting". "Thank 'OUCH' God for 'OUCH' Vicadine".


Gene said...

Looks good Butch. You have been busy. I try to be but I am milking this finger as long as I can. LOL We need to have coffee when you are done with construction. If Cindy needs some Vicadine for her fingerlet me know.LOL I know that must hurt very very badly.She will milk that one for awhile.

Butch said...

If it wasn't so ugly and gory, I would post your finger, but..... You must be better or the "V" is working, not one OUCH in your comment. Just keep it above the heart, the throbbing will subside eventually, at least until you BUMP it again.