Monday, December 10, 2007

Weekend project

Move my computer and related equipment to the basement. Currently it is in a spare bedroom. Bought a desk with what they call a return (side board to me) so that I can spread out my photo equipment, scanner and printer. I want to take all the hard copies of photos and scan them, put them on disk and then quite worrying about the colors fading. I think we have 6 or 8 photo boxes, like shoe boxes but 1/2 again as wide, almost full. I also ran some wire for the 1/2 bath and prepped for two recessed lights over the desk. I'm installing two 50w minature halogens that will be on their own switch so the desk area won't be wasting electricity when not in use. I'm going to look at seperating the basement lighting out for the same purpose. No need to light up all of 900 square feet when it isn't needed. Today I will finish the electric in the 1/2 bath and do some switching of some lighting in one of the storage areas.

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Steph said...

Nice desk!
Hey, when you're scanning and archiving all those photos, just remember: if you try to "color correct" any of them (i.e. make them brighter, darker, redder etc) keep a copy of the original file also. So in case it ends up too blown out, you have the original scan to fall back on. And don't throw away those originals! If mom makes you, I'll take them! :) P.S. Just bought the Epson Photo Stylus 1400.