Monday, March 10, 2008

Calling Dr. Phil

Now I know why there has been a report whimpering sound coming from a certain garage in Beavercreek, OH. It is that of a lonely 1987 Corvette. It has an identity issue. As you can see, it doesn't know whether it is a former Stingray (Sting-Ray), a Prancing Horse from Italy are a raging Bull from Italy. Hopefully we won't see stars on it and it think it's from Japan. Poor thing, anyone have the good doctors number?
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Gene said...

Yea I know maybe I did go over board but the wimpering from the garage was to much. I did wax her and that helped a little but not enough. I thought that one or two high powered car emblems would make the wimpering go away. It did for awhile. THE DAMN THING JUST NEEDS A FEW TDW DAYS.It just wants to leave the confinds of the garage and act like the cars that I made her out to be.She is for sure a wanta be, but thats ok.