Saturday, March 8, 2008

Wanna be

My buddy Gene saw a F430 Ferrari in Canada at one of the Indian reservation casinos and fell in love. I do believe he has taken it further than I have with the wanna be thing. I might say my little Miata is a Porsche wanna be but I don't believe I have put a label on it just yet. He can't deny it, the car has his name all over the front of it. I even recognize the L-98 decals he put on this past summer. If he drops a 12 cylinder in it then I know he went over the edge. He really has a nice Vette. He is really very proud of it. I heard through the grape vine that the car was crying in the garage at night because its feelings were hurt. Gene, shark gills and prancing horses don't go together. Sharks eat horses, just ask the boys on the ALMS circuit. Just wait until the Blue Devil takes on Ferrari, the ZO-6 is hard enough on the horse and the Blue Devil is still less than half the cost.
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