Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gone fishing

This is Shannon, one of our neices. We went fishing at Caesar's Creek Reservoir yesterday. The water was high and moving very fast below the damn. Not until we were done and I was showing her some of the other parts of the lake did we find better places to fish. We each caught one Bluegill. Next time we go we are going to take a bucket to bring them home alive and put them in the pond. They, along with the frogs that have shown up, will be good for bug removal.
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Steph said...

Nice catch!!
Was it squirming in this picture? (the fish, not Shannon)

Butch said...

Both, the fish for air and Shannon because she didn't want it to die and couldn't take it off the hook. She can put a night crawler on but can't release her fish....go figure.