Sunday, June 1, 2008

Garage wall

Well, I have changed the location of the Corvette. I did it Saturday with the help of the wife. It is her idea as well. It gives more balance to this wall with the cars looking at each other instead of having the LeMans banner in the corner. The banner will go where the Vette was going to be. I will try to finish the black part of the Vette and the other two sections Monday before I attempt the coloring of the Corvette. It is going to be yellow so it should stand out anymore than the rest of the cars with their minimal colors. If I thought I could do it justice I would paint it Magnetic Red but I just don't have that talent, not that there is any on the walls as it is. Don't stand too close and don't blow up the pictures for detail or you will be sadly disappointed. I am trying to clean that part up.
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