Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bath Addition

When we bought our house we had a 1/2 bath roughed in for the basement. I didn't do anything to it until this year. Ryan, the builder made some mistakes that I had to make allowances for like where they put the sump pump and the fact that the floor pitched to the sump pump, which it should do if the need was to arise due to flooding. The location of the s.p. was almost in the bathroom area, hence the offset in the wall as seen in picture 4. You can see where the toilet is to be located and approximately 13 1/2 " back is the vent pipe. The sink will go where you see the lights on the wall. In order to put the sink in and close the door if need be once installed, this wall had to go over a drain in the floor that the water softner goes to and the hotwater heaters vent line as well as the A/C condensate drain. So, first I had to run a wall across this drain, then move in to pick up the vent pipe, wouldn't want that visible in your bath and then move in again another 10" to get by the sump pump. A room that starts off at about 65" ruduces down 13" to get by Ryan's screw up.

Well, as you can see we are on our way to getting this project done. I made two new walls, two existed from the finished part of the basement, hung drywall, spackled (hate this part) put two coats of primer on and then painted the ceiling and a little over half way down a dark gray color.

More to come.
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