Monday, October 27, 2008

Sink and mirror installed

The sink and mirror for the bath are installed. Found a small sink with wainscoting on it to match the lower part of the walls in the bath. The faucet matches the light fixture that came out of the hall bath upstairs and this faucet came with a handle selection. We haven't decided whether the white one on the left or the all metal look as on the right is t he correct one for this room. Open for suggestions. Doesn't mean they will be used but if the suggestion is made with a point of interest than it will definitely be used in are process of elimination. Go ahead and post your thoughts or call, if you know the number.
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greg said...

looks great. normally i like all metal, but with the wainscoating, i like the white. then again, with the real dark walls, i've decided to vote for the metal handles. that's my final answer.

Steph said...

i second the all metal.
just because.
that's my reason and i'm stickin to it.

Gene said...

White It will match the wainscoating and the rest of the bathroom. And thats my FINAL answer.