Thursday, October 16, 2008

Production line and offset

Here we have our wainscoting painting facility in operation. We could get 4 boards at a time. The third picture is a better shot at the offsets that had to be made for the Ryan mistake. Coming from the back corner where the sump pump sits on the otherside of the wall we have approximately a 36" wall then a 10" offset then a 22" wall and then a 3.5" offset and then lastly where a pedistal sink will sit is a 37" wall. Not bad for an electrician by trade and an amature wannabe carpenter eh!
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Gene said...

Nice real nice for a wire bender

Steph said...

Now you need a big, colorful, abstract painting on the wall that mimics the crazy step-like pattern in the wall (aka Ryan's mistake). Eh? Do I hear a commission?? :)

Butch said...

Eh, Christmas?