Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another light from another source

My good 'ole buddy Gene, scroll down the side pictures here and look for the boob, I mean buddy, on the motorcycle. Yep that's him many years ago. The yellow Vette shown in various places in this blog is his. He even has the nerve to put a bull on it, the Lambo bull no less. Well he saw my headlight and had to send the one he wants in his garage. I'll have to admit, he has a Vette sitting in his and all I have is two airbrushed images of Porsches with a yellow Vette too. Parked in it is a Vibe (wow) and a '02 Miata SE. I am proud of it and it does bring back the old days of MG's, TR's and the like. I guess if I am going to keep the friendship I will have to post his rendition of a pretty headlight. Next I will be going to have coffee with him and trying to convince him he must change his ways. You be the judge, mine or his?




Gene said...

Well since I sent it I guess I have to also vote for the very beautiful red Corvette Headlight. I will say I dont think a headlight like that will ever be in my Garage. I am stuck on the flip ups, and love them I do!!!!!! I can afford the flip ups the 2 shown is to much for my wallet. I need to stay grounded. Hard to do sometimes.

Butch said...

We'll just have to see if I can sway you Geno. Watch out at the next coffee gathering.