Sunday, July 19, 2009

Changing colors with digital effect power

These are basically the same photos. There are some differences but the main difference is in the color that was picked up by the camera. In the first picture the data is as follows; f-5.6, exposure time is 1/15, ISO is 100 and the focal length is 80mm. The biggest change will be the white balance, here it is set for the shade mode. I used this to try to emulate the fact that the sun was going down and everything was in almost at dusk point in time. It was 8:14 PM and the sun actually set about 9 now. With the clouds the timing is closer to the 9 o'clock look with a clear sky.
The second picture has the f-stop at 3.5, exposure time at 1/125, ISO is 100 again and the focal length is 28mm. Here, the white balance is set at tungsten mode. It is suppose to be sensing the presence of artificial lighting from a regular light bulb. I used this setting because the sky looked more like it was being artificially lite. The result was the more blue effect than the redness in the first picture.
Can I explain all this, heck no, I'm just learning but I am trying different things just like Tony did when he started with his pocket camera.

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