Saturday, July 18, 2009

More photos with some time exposure effects

The lense used for these pictures is a Canon 28-80mm EF zoom lense that was on my Rebel 35mm camera. It has a 1:3.5 -5.6 f-stop. It has a UV Promaster filter attached also.

Starting at the top, I have three pictures taken within three minutes of each other. The first one is 8:16 PM and the other two are at 8:19 PM. The significance here is that you can change the appearance of the time of day with your camera.

Data for the first picture is f/3.5 with the exposure time of 1/125, an ISO of 100 and the focal length of 28mm. You can see the dots of the headlights of a car coming down the street when you make the image larger. For the second picture the data has changed a bit. F-stop is now 29 and the exposure time is 4 seconds with the ISO staying the same but the focal length went to 53mm. Time was 3 minutes after the first photo but you can see there is more lighting in the picture. You can easily see the concrete trough for rain run-off from the curb to the pond that is out back. The cars headlights are now showing the motion of the vehicle. Obviously, this is another vehicle because of the time lapse. Notice too that they sky has lost its distinction, the clouds are washing out due to the fact that there is too much light in this area.

In the last picture there are some changes in the camera settings on two fronts. The f-stop is now 32 while the exposure time has jumped to 20 seconds. All else is the same as the last picture. The first thing to notice is that there appears to be no sky, just light above the trees. The headlights are from the same vehicle as the last image since the time is the same, quick rotation of the dial to change the exposure time. Also, you can now see the area leading into the pond. You can see the deck on the back of the house in the distance as well as a street sign and fire hydrant.

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