Friday, July 10, 2009

New project

I have more in the paint then the item painted. We have two 15" square tables for the deck and for some reason they started to rust. I figured I could sand them and paint them with Rust-o-leum to make them last longer and to freshen them up at the same time.

Wasn't too hard. Took the feet off, had to use a wood chisel to get them started and then a pair of channel-locks to rock them back and forth but they came out. Next was to take the glass tops out. The tops are held in with no less then 8 rubberized keepers. I discovered that they were somewhat ply able so that if I put a screw driver in between the keepers and the inside of the sides I could lightly pry and they would bend and pop out. I only had one that broke the tabs off that held it in place on the glass end. Remember, there were 8 keepers. One in each corner and one on each side and thus they are less then 8" apart. Over kill. Bottom line with this work, no masking.
I sanded with rough grit, about 160 and then migrated to about 200 grit. I washed the loose dirt and grit off and used a wire brush on my dermal tool to get to bare metal in only two places. Rust-o-leum advertises that it can be painted over rust but I have never truly had real luck with this procedure. Better safe than sorry.

We bought the new paint that has been advertised that you can spray in any direction. I had many directions to paint and I knew from experience, once you start with a fresh can you are good for a bit upside down but not for long. Instead of using a button to push on it also has a trigger and there is no sore finger for the length of time used and much easier to control the bursts needed to get it right.

I set the tables up on four pieces of scrap wood in the yard and painted away. Grass is a little discolored but that will go away on the next mowing.

Popped the feet back in the next day and reinstalled the glass. Look new and are now curing on the deck in the sun.

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