Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Everyone should read this

This isn't a long disertation about Wall Street or the Insurance companies.  It is something that everyone should read.  There is no test to be taken but an understanding of the plight of America and the fighting that has been going on this year concerning our health care system should be understood.  Why did we, as the rest of the world did too, get in such a financial mess last year.  No, it didn't happen this year, it happened last year and before but the hard realities of the effects took place this year.

So, as Americans, we need to read.  We need to communicate with our government officials about our disgust in how THEY are doing their jobs.

A hint of what you will learn in this short article, Alabama has but one (1) insurance company in the state representing or covering the residents.  Now, in my book, that is a monopoly.  Do you think there are price controls going on?  Do you think the people of Alabama are getting the best deal for their buck?  What's going on in your state, do you know?  Do you care?  How much are you paying for insurance above and beyond the fair and equitable price for them, the insurer, to make a fair and equitable profit. 

Capitalism is about making all you can.  It isn't about being allowed to rip someone off to do so.

Read this, get involved, ask questions, ask your congressinal represtentatives.  Are they in bed with the insurance heads or the bankers on Wall Street?

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