Friday, October 23, 2009

Sure signs of fall

I am really liking the new Tamaron lense.  It's got great zoom capabilities but it's the macro function that I really like.  I like the claraity, the crispness of the color.  I took these photos on a very cloudy day.  

I have here, a Maple tree in close, the flower of the Butterfly Bush, a Mum plant,  and a shrub that the name is in the drawer and I'm too lazy to get out.  I will tell you that the berries are green all summer and then turn purple in September.  They spiral around each branch or should I say they appear to because of the way they grow.  They are a favorite of the birds and when spring comes, they turn dark brown or black.  That indicates time to wack the plant.  March to April time frame. 

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