Tuesday, August 24, 2010

No, it doesn't have to have.....

The car of my life long dream. No, it doesn't have to have all the bells and whistles like air dams and fancy wheels. Not even a whale tale or any kind of spoiler. If it was in the 930 series, that would be nice but turbo isn't a must, however, I do believe air cooled is.  Even less than 3.0 litres is okay but the 3.0 flat 6 with a turbo has a great sound that would really make it enjoyable, but not a must. That leads to the fact that a radio isn't necessary either since all one really needs to hear is the sound of the engine.

This one would do it for me. Vertical headlights are great.

Took this picture at the Taj Ma Garaj Kruze-in at Delco Park in 2006. Today this is nearly a month long celebration of Porsche and all automobiles with races, shows, wine tasting, covered bridge trips, all to support the local Ronald McDonald House and Dayton's Children's Hospital. Thank you Mr. Dixon.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. This is a rare beauty. I like the Porsche. I was invited to drive one from son's old girlfriend but it was a convertible and I didn't want to mess my hair up so I just stood beside it to get my picture taken.

I watch this television show about old cars and auctions of cars -- think it is called Meecum Auto Sales or something similar. The prices they can get for some of the older cars is really hard to believe. I mean who has several hundred thousand dollars to plop down for an old car?

I like your new layout too.

Thanks for coming around. I am slowly getting things back to normal.

I just ordered another iMac computer. I am giving up on PCs after all these years. Patty had a new HP but just out of warranty and it began giving beeps and wouldn't boot. So the mother board is shot.

Mine has had to be reformatted or they called it "Recovery." It puts the computer back in its original shipping condition. So I got a hard drive sitting here filled up with stuff I wanted to keep.

Had enough. Getting a Mac for me now.