Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Short Road Trip to a Bakery/Orchard in Ohio

I rode shotgun so I could take some pictures on the way up to a place called Steven's Bakery and Orchard.
From our house it was just about a half hour up or back but we took different routes in these directions.

On the way up we went through a little burg called New Carlise. It hasn't changed in years. Did notice, almost too late, that there was a street rod sitting on the curb. Top was up but should have been down as it was a great convertible day.

After going north for a short distance we turned east on SR55. Saw some really nice country, a little rolling but mostly flat. Got a shot of a farmer plowing off in the distance and then a shot of a barn with a decorative painting on the front. At first I just thought it was another barn sitting in an open field but as we got closer I could see there was something on the front of it. Looks like a large quilt. Wish I knew the significance of it.

The next turn was south at Thackery. I haven't looked but I would assume that Thackery is at best a village. Biggest thing there is a grain silo.

We only had to go about a mile or so to get to our destination and due to the fact that the sign was no more than about 20" x 20", we almost went right by it. The only thing that really saved us was the fact that I looked it up on Map Quest and the overhead shot did it justice. I saw the curve, the railroad track and the fence. We made a commanding left turn onto the gravel drive.

The bakery/orchard is someones house with a small building out back that has the apples in it along a wall. There is a refrigerator where I assume they keep cider (they were sold out for the year) and other more perishable items. A young lady came out of the house wearing a hair net where I would have to figure she was baking pies. I have had one of their pies. We bought it at a place called Apple Country just north of Spring Valley, OH. The pie was called Buckeye Pie. My intent was to share it with a neighbor, especially since I was informed that I would be eating it by myself. I did just that. Ate two pieces the first two days and then a piece after dinner every day after until it was GONE;(...

After getting some apples, had samples first, I took some pictures and then we headed out going south again. The next turn was onto Coffin Rd. How creepy is that name at this time of year. It is tree lined and covered, narrow and it winds back and fourth. With the fall leaves it is really a neat little road.

The next turn was onto North Hampton-Donnelsville Rd. This took us into North Hampton. Small but very quaint. There is a building in what would be the center of town called The Hampton. From the light we were stopped (SR41) at I could see a restaurant on the first floor. This, I told myself, needs more investigation. Could be a good lunch trip.

Next town was Donnelsville, a place I had been to many times but never from this direction. I use to go there to buy my R/C (radio control) parts when I would crash a plane or build one.

From here it was onto Enon, OH and home. Mind you, these pictures in most part are from a moving car. We weren't going fast, about 55 or less, but country roads roll and pitch so I'm impressed with my luck. I will post more later, maybe, when I get to resizing them for the blog.

Enjoy and leave a comment if you like.


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