Friday, October 29, 2010

Harvest Time

It is that time of year again when the days get shorter and cooler. There are more cloudy days than sunny, or so it seems.

The trees change from their lush greens to their brilliant colors of yellow, reds, orange and purple. Other vegetation takes its rightful place in the color spectrum by turning different shades of browns and yellow/gold while showing their brilliant berries that they have been growing through the summer months. These plants have set themselves up to feed the creatures of mother earth through the winter, only harvested as needed. Others are grown by man in order to feed mankind, hence, the harvesting time of the year.

The scenery will change now that the corn in the field to my east has been taken in. A more wide open expanse will be seen. Black Birds, Starlings and Geese will now visit the field to get what man has left behind. The field will take on a more bleak appearance until next spring when the new crop goes in. This year corn so next year will be soybeans.

Starting next month I have decided to take the same shot of this field with the camera set up in the same location as well as the same or near same setup with quality being of first importance. I will do this on the first of the month, and maybe the middle, at 8 AM every time. Driving rain or snow from the east will be the only thing that will stop me. My calendar in the computer is already set to remind me.

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