Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March. It's Finally Here

What has seemed like a very long winter, at least here in the mid-west, is finally starting to come to and end.

Normally around here we will have some cold days before Thanksgiving, maybe even as early as Halloween (I've seen snow) but it tends to go up and down all the way to the first of the year. We've had temps in the 70's in December but not many.

This year it got cold before Thanksgiving and snowed right after in the next week. Then it seemed to snow, not much maybe and inch or so, every day or two. It got cold and stayed cold. It even got bitterly cold for a couple of weeks in a row. We have a pond and the rule of thumb in these parts is if it isn't frozen by the second week of December then more than likely it won't be safe enough to get on all winter. No problem this year. It just thawed out a week ago and was six inches or more in thickness.

Now the weather is changing and the rains are the issue. North of here, above the I-70 line it has been even more miserable. Not twenty-five miles to the north they still have large snow banks. Not many, they got the rains too and everything is flooded. Three feet of whater in downtown Findley, OH. Schools are closed due to flooded roadways.

This is a color picture but in someways it more resembles a b/w. Not much color yet. There was a pretty good frost this morning and some haze/fog in the air. This is what this series is suppose to be though, show the changes in the same scene a minimum of twelve times if not twenty four. I would imagine some color should be showing up next month.

There is a fine time line to be picked when taking these images. I choose 8 AM. Much earlier I the lighting would have to be played with and any later the morning lighting affect would be gone. I am trying to get the pictures as natural as possible, no playing around, keeping the ISO etc the same. The sun will start to move right to left before long eventually being more to the left side of the tower in the distance.


Sequim Daily Photo said...

For me it feels like Wow, March is here already? Time is just flying by. That picture does look black and white, the dreary days will do that. Always nice to see a spot of color in it all. We've only had a few days of snow this winter so it was easy to enjoy them.

Butch said...

We had 3 days of bright sunshine after this picture was taken, now we are getting ready for rain and maybe snow again. Just need to get by the next two or three weeks and things will start to green up and look a lot brighter.