Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mid August Posting

As you can see, the sun light is still coming from the left side of the picture but it is slowly drifting back to the right. Another month or so and I will be looking at it straight on.

I took this on the 15th but am just getting around to posting it. We've had roofers here along with downspout and gutter installers and facia and siding people for the last few days. Hail damage at the end of May an just now getting it done.

Today the builder of our home had a contractor in to dig along the footer to tie into the curtain drain. They then made what is called a daylight drain. This is to relieve my sump pump from its continious running when we get days of wet weather, like in the spring and sometimes in the fall. They also have to replace or repair the crock (sump pit) as it fills with water from below the curtain drain connection. Sometimes this connection never does put water into the pit but the pump runs almost continously. Once the pipe feeds the pits it is 24/7 with no shutting down. Even my backup system is strained. I took pictures today, will try to post tomorrow. Now they have lots of yard work to do to get me back to normal.


Anonymous said...

We are waiting on the roofers to put the new roof on. The old one was damaged so much by the tennis ball size hail. They put all the shingles and other stuff up on the roof last Saturday and it has been nice weather but no roofers have showed up yet.

Birdman said...

Ya, yard work and my camera are in constant turmoil during the summer.
btw Yes, have eaten at all restaurants you speak of in your visit. The car ferry you ate on is Dimillo's Floating Restaurant.