Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Two Days Late But Not Forgotten

This is my August first monthly posting of the same shot I have been taking since November of 2010. Suns up, you can see the haze in the air which means IT'S GOING TO BE HUMID AGAIN!

I have been trying to get the rails on on my deck replaced from our hail damage. Not doing too bad except for the heat. At 80+ around 9 AM with the humidity factored in, all one does is sweat. I am not a heavy sweater but within 30 minutes or so my back is soaked. On top of that the heat from the sun feels like someone is holding a torch close to your skin. Very unusual hot feeling, especially in the early morning or late afternoon when the sun has more of an angle.

I took this shot on Monday and almost immediately went out to work on the deck. I have driven deck nails in and had them work back out but not these nails. Some took a pry bar and rubber mallet to persuade them to let go. The new boards went back with screws so if any need replacing in the future they won't need as much persuasion.

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