Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Double Moon

I don't really like taking a picture of anything and then immediately taking the same subject and posting it again in a short time but I could resist this moon shot. What got me was how different it was from last evenings. The first was taken from my deck and this one from the window that I take my, soon to be over, monthly shots from. Another one is due in a couple of days. I shot it on ISO 1600 thus picking up some graininess. The double moon is caused by the thermopane window. A prism if you will. The actual moon is the brighter one and if you notice you can actually see the terrain in the upper moon. I presume this is caused by the lack of brightness. Moon shots are really difficult to take without a huge lens. My lens is the Tamron 18-270mm VC DiII.

So, now I promise myself that I won't take another moon shot until.....the October Harvest Moon.

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