Friday, September 2, 2011

Septembers Monthly Posting

Normally I have put only one picture up to show the seasonal changes going on as well as the change in the angle of the sun in the morning. Here you can see the sun is still north of the imaginary center line looking east. I use the tower out in the distance as my reference point.

I have used two shots this month to indicate the timing of morning or evening shots. It only takes a few minutes for "the shot" to be gone due to lost lighting or color. These two pictures were taken 13 minutes apart. The sun went from behind the pine trees to just above them. Moments later and the sun would become an issue and filters would be needed if you couldn't the the brightness down enough.

There are only 3 more shots to be taken and then I think I will do a composite of all and post them like a review.


Birdman said...

Do I REALLY need to be reminded of the pending fall? And receding summer?

Butch said...

Sorry Birdman.