Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mid-September Shot

Two more months and 4 more shots will end my twice a month look at the sun coming up. This shot almost looks more like a sunset in some ways with the colors as they are. The sun has moved quit a few degrees south of were it was just a month ago. Amazing how it doesn't show and then all of a sudden you notice it. Interesting feature here is the heaviness of the clouds. Real thin areas are light blue and the dark areas look more ominous like storm clouds. As it turned out this day became very windy and quite chilly. We helped neighbors with a garage sale and were very cold. Temps were in the low to mid 60's but should be more like the 70's. Trees appear to be early this year, normally the changing doesn't take place until late Sept. to the early part of October.


Anonymous said...

Sure looks forelorn down at Delphi. The place that was humming isn't even growing weeds in the parking lot. I wonder why they don't donate the building to somebody?

It is also a remarkable photo, Butch. I liked it and the colors in the picture.

Butch said...

Thanks Abe. Depends on which Delphi you look go to as to whether you see weeds or even buildings on the grounds. I worked at the Woodman facility (World HQ) and Tenneco is using some of the old buildings but the rest were torn down. Needmore Rd/Wagnerford Rd are completely gone but the weeds but Third St and the Vandalia, OH plants are still there. The Harrison plant on Cincinnati/Wisconsin streets are pretty much gone.

What's important is that the people have moved on, so many were really young at the end but they go caught up in the bankruptcy and times. Delphi now wants to completely move out of the USA and get rid of the rest of those that still work for them. I say Yea! Auto Task Force, you did your job by protecting the business but not the American worker.

On a better light, I have learned a lot by taking the same picture over and over monthly. Self taught if you will.