Monday, February 13, 2012

Mosaic Ice Forming

Still practicing with the new camera. I took these shots of the pond next to our house a couple of nights ago. We have had an unusually warm winter for mid-southern Ohio just below I-70 on a map. All of a sudden the temp dropped out and it got down to the single digits. Wind chill made it sub zero by double digits. Only lighting is from the sodium vapor street lights on the round about. Amazingly, the next day the wind had settled during the night and the ice was nearly as smooth as glass, just not think as the sun attacked it.

Again I wanted to just see what the camera would do in a quick fashion, no setup time, at night. I really prefer no flash....I hate flash. I would rather have the noise of high ISO numbers than relying on a flash to give me color etc,

I put the camera settings in the bottom corners and as can be seen the only thing that changes is the focal length. I feel like I should have pulled it back to at least halfway to the widest like 48mm or so. The lens size is 72mm so I can get a lot of light in when it is scarce.

As usual, click on them to see more.

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